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JavaScript Obfuscator vs. Minifier vs. Compressor

JavaScript Obfuscator vs. Minifier vs. Compressor

Minify, compress and obfuscate JS are now very familiar words. But which one is the best? You will get four kinds of mechanism such as - JavaScript Minify which make the JS code smaller by removing unneeded space, comments, renaming variables and so on. JavaScript Compress - this process using non destructive compression of code. JS Optimize process will make the code run faster. Obfuscate JavaScript - This is a process that protect the code from the reuse of other developer. So a good JavaScript Obfuscator is able to minify, compress, and optimize your js code perfectly. But you can able partially reverse the obfuscation mechanism using some other tools.
JavaScript Minify

Minify JS (JavaScript)

This toll will not only compress js code but also remove all unnecessary comments, extra whitespace,new line characters to give you perfect output. If you use the Minify JS option this will reduce file size (up to 20% smaller) which speed up script execution times and resulting in a faster loading time. What are the benefits of Javascript minification? The sole benefit of minified JS code is allowing a client to download fewer bytes, enabling the page to load faster etc. So, we can say that minification is performed on JS source code because it is basically a performance enhancement – and it allows websites that use minified JS to load faster. This website must help you to minify your code properly.
JavaScript Obfuscate

JavaScript Obfuscate

This JavaScript Obfuscator helps you to protect your JS code against theft and makes the code hard to understand. The goal is to make it so that other developers can not reverse engineer that source code and use it for their own projects. But, if someone is determined enough they can and will reverse engineer any obfuscated JavaScript code so that they can see the original source code. Obfuscation will just slow them down a bit. Using this website you can also obfuscate js or JavaScript code. The method replaces symbol names with non-meaningful ones. Don't worry your code will still work like normal, it just won't be readable.

JS Minify or compress js and Obfuscate Javascript are not same. JS Obfuscator makes code harder to read. Online Minifier will compress the file size removing all unneeded codes and comments. The obfuscated javascript code works well when it is used in your project. You can use this online tool to get that benefit.

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